Design Your Website for Maximum Performance

Frame your company’s brand and selling proposition in a manner that influences and persuades your market to act.

Great website design presents the opportunity for different levels of engagement with your prospective and loyal clients. It provides an opportunity to compel that audience to perform pre-defined actions through information, arguments and calls to action. In order to compel someone else to act you need to establish a strong relationship based on engagement and trust.

There are many reasons to consider a website redesign for your business, and just as many things to consider when building a new site from scratch. There are three main points that are essential to building a good website:

  1. If you are redesigning you need a full analysis and inventory of what you have before you make changes. You can do your web presence a lot of damage if you don’t assess what is working and where your traffic is coming from first.
  2. You should identify real business goals for your website before anything else. If you put graphic design before performance you can build a great looking site that doesn’t perform at all.
  3. Most things on the web revolve around content. Maybe you or someone on staff loves to write, but if you don’t, hire someone to do the job right. Your website is only as good as your content.

By being aware of these requirements and addressing them we can build you a website that is the perfect foundation for an online marketing strategy that focuses on the whole picture – from driving traffic to closing sales.


We look forward to building beautiful company websites that pack a punch. Like a fine car – it looks good and there’s performance under the hood.

Discovery > Strategy > Execution > Evolution

In the discovery and strategy phases of website design we will:

  • Determine your website goals
  • Benchmark your current metrics
  • Define your ideal customer and create buyer personas
  • Identify your value propositions and key messaging
  • Develop a content strategy that will achieve your website goals
  • Create website designs and structure to support your goals

In addition to executing a visually appealing site, the following technical details are included.

  • We build on the SEO-friendly WordPress platform for content management
  • Install Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools for tracking
  • Include built-in RSS and social follow / sharing
  • Perform basic SEO on pages
  • Activate ‘newsletter signup’ and ‘subscribe to blog widgets’

Once your site is live you may wish to evolve your plan. It is natural as a web presence needs to be grown and managed. If you do not have the assets at hand, CalliaMedia can be contracted to perform additional services such as inbound marketing strategies, content creation, landing pages, social media management, analytics review, and more. Just get in touch.