Maximize your leads and conversions

Steps to Inbound Marketing

Step 1.

Leverage content marketing best practices to bring in more visitors

Step 2.

Thought leadership and special offers convert visitors to leads

Step 3.

Carefully planned lead nurturing turns leads to sales

Marketing in the business-to-business environment is a highly specialized field. It’s vital that your target market is aware of your brand and what you stand for. Inbound marketing offers a fresh, new and engaging way to:

  • set yourself apart from your competition
  • ensure your website gets found in the search engines, and
  • drive traffic to your site that generates business leads.

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Not long ago, companies used traditional methods to market themselves, including print advertising, television spots and billboard or outdoor marketing. All that has changed since the evolution of inbound marketing, which is the science of making your company attractive enough to encourage your customers to come looking for you.

Attracting New Customers to Your Company

Inbound marketing works by creating the platform for you to build knowledge and understanding among your customers of the products and services you offer. It works by using methods such as:

  1. Content marketing
  2. Social Media
  3. Automated email marketing
  4. Lead generation and nurturing

These processes help you to develop your reputation as a thought leader and expert in your industry. You’ll promote your website’s ranking in search, create a wealth of information and resources for your clients to access and increase the visibility of your brand and company profile.

Nurturing Existing Customers

The marketing of your products and services doesn’t end once you generate a qualified lead. Inbound marketing enables you to nurture the relationship with your client by analyzing his or her needs, assessing where they are in the purchasing cycle and determining the kind of attention they need going forwards.

Inbound Marketing Process

Discovery > Strategy > Execution > Evolution

At the outset of developing a comprehensive digital strategy for your company, we first ensure we have all of the resources and research necessary to lay a solid foundation upon which to work. These include:

  • Aligning your marketing strategy with your business goals
  • Benchmarking your current sales & marketing metrics
  • Setting traffic, lead generation and customer acquisition goals
  • Defining your ideal customer and creating buyer personas
  • Conducting competitive benchmarking
  • Keyword research & selection
  • Completing a search engine optimization checklist
  • Doing a resource analysis – employees, interns, partnerships etc

Based on our findings we can then move onto creating a phased approach specific to your objectives, budget and available resources.

Once you approve our strategy to accomplish your identified goals, we work to deliver against priorities and always monitor and measure our results for your review. We meet regularly with you to evaluate inbound marketing achievements and make any changes necessary to the plan. Your feedback is important to the review process, and we adjust the plan according to the findings.

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