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What you’ll get from your consultation

  • A 30 minute phone call to discuss your needs and possible solutions to your problems.
  • An assessment of your current website and online marketing strategy if one already exists.

Please note that we are not into pressure tactics. This is not a sales call but an informational call to determine your needs and if you think we can serve them.

We’ll help you:

  • Get more visitors
  • Turn those visitors into leads for your business
  • And convert those leads into sales!

“Andrea (of Callia Media) has a contemporary vision of all aspects of online marketing and how all of the pieces go together. I am so pleased with the new website both in look and function and already it is garnering the kind of attention we were hoping for. She definitely wants to see her work “work” for people and that support is so critical.

I fully recommend Callia Media to any one looking to build a website and / or use online marketing to enhance their business.”

Robin Elworthy – Best of Both Worlds Imports