Build Recognition and Awareness for Your Company

Branding is a comprehensive influence that affects almost every single touch-point a consumer has with your company. It goes far beyond the selection of a name and the design of a logo and into the values and attributes that are reflected in the copy, tone of voice, and graphic content of limitless communications. When done right, branding influences everyone in touch with your organization – from customers to employees and partners. It drives sales, increases customer acquisition and retention, and attracts talented employees. The basis of a strong branding plan is to clearly identify the brand message and then relay it through persuasive copywriting and graphic design.


Discovery > Strategy > Execution > Evolution

There are many points at which branding exercises can be done. Here are just some of the items that may be included in discovery and strategy:

  • Identify revenue and market share goals
  • Create positioning statement
  • Define customer segment
  • Develop personas
  • Develop value propositions
  • Conduct competitive analysis
  • Develop messaging platform
  • Plan brand collateral

At CalliaMedia we also execute on many items from your branding strategy, including:

  • Corporate identity system (logo, stationary, business cards, proposal template, email signature, invoices)
  • Website Design
  • Content Marketing items (Corporate brochures, fact sheets, media kits, whitepapers, ebooks, newsletters and social media assets)
  • Advertising – online and offline
  • Branded promotional products
  • Presentations (corporate /product presentations)
  • Event marketing (Exhibit booth graphics and collateral)

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