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8 ways an outdated website can harm your business

Your website is your storefront to the world. According to Pew Research, 78 percent of consumers making a purchase first do online research —and that percentage is even higher as income and education increases. Nielsen studies show that people often leave web pages within 10 – 20 seconds. For people to stay, they must feel…

Facebook for Business: Are Facebook Pages still delivering?

Not so very long ago, Facebook was hailed as the tool marketers couldn’t afford to ignore. Facebook for business offered a tremendous opportunity, with free pages that allowed a company to share information, engage with and even offer discounts and promotions to its followers. And, a company’s posts spread just like the updates you post on your personal Facebook page.

Online Reputation Management – How to cultivate good online reviews

Online reputation management is more important than ever, as consumers increasingly research products and services online and turn to online reviews for information about businesses and their offerings. BrightLocal’s 2013 Local Consumer Review Survey revealed that 85% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses—up from 76% just a year earlier.

Building credibility on your website – how to develop trust

Your company’s website can be the best tool for drawing prospects and for converting those prospects to customers. But, making the most of your website requires more than just good search engine optimization, inbound links and social media shares. Once those visitors arrive on your site, you must give them a reason to do business with you—a reason that goes beyond the product or service you have to offer. Effective online marketing requires that you build trust and establish credibility.

Inbound Marketing: The Proof is in the Prospects

In my last post, I talked about the growing popularity of inbound marketing. Statistics indicate that marketers are increasing the proportion of their budgets devoted to inbound marketing, integrating inbound strategies with their traditional efforts and reporting positive return on their investments. While the trends are instructive, it’s results that matter.

The foundation blocks of building website traffic: leveraging your blog

Blogging is one of the most important pillars of a successful inbound marketing strategy. HubSpot’s recent 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report revealed that 82% of companies who blogged reported a positive return on their inbound marketing investments. 42% of marketers indicated that they’d acquired at least one customer through their blogs.

Best tips on when and how to use Twitter for Business

We’ve come a long way since Twitter was popularly characterized as a place where people told one another what they were eating for lunch. A bit of that still happens, but there’s a lot more going on as well: professionals in many industries are forming connections, sharing information and building their expertise. At the same time, savvy companies have figured out how to use Twitter for business and are interacting with their customers and prospective customer base in public, increasing the impact of every interaction.

How to use Facebook for Business – quick and easy

If you have a Facebook account, you’re in good company. More than 18 million Canadians use the popular social media site —that’s more than half the population and nearly two thirds of Canadian Internet users. If you don’t have a Facebook business page, you’re missing out on an opportunity to reach a large sector of your market at a relatively low cost. As with any marketing strategy, however, it’s important to have a clear plan before you jump in and start executing. So the question is – how to use Facebook for business.