Instagram is a great way to reach millions of people with your social media marketing.

Is Instagram THE Marketing Tool for 2016?

If you haven’t been paying attention to social media marketing too much over the past few years, it’s not hard to believe that you may have missed the meteoric rise of Instagram. And meteoric is something of an understatement. While it took social media giants Facebook and Twitter a few years to build a following, Instagram went from zero to one…

Pay-per-click marketing can help drive your corporate branding efforts.

Using Pay-Per-Click Ads to Boost Your Brand in Search

Competition is always a good thing, but these days it’s no longer purely about who has the better product or service. It’s often almost entirely about who knows how to build their company brand the best, and the winner is usually the organization that throws the most money at marketing. How, then, can small- to…

user testimonials

7 Reasons User Testimonials are Essential for B2B

Driving traffic is everything. Without it, your company is dead in the water. And although social media is a great way to build brand awareness and encourage conversation about your products and services, when it comes to driving traffic to B2B sites, research shows that fully 80% comes through search*, compared with less than 5%…

website redesign

8 ways an outdated website can harm your business

Your website is your storefront to the world. According to Pew Research, 78 percent of consumers making a purchase first do online research —and that percentage is even higher as income and education increases. Nielsen studies show that people often leave web pages within 10 – 20 seconds. For people to stay, they must feel…

Facebook for Business: Are Facebook Pages still delivering?

Not so very long ago, Facebook was hailed as the tool marketers couldn’t afford to ignore. Facebook for business offered a tremendous opportunity, with free pages that allowed a company to share information, engage with and even offer discounts and promotions to its followers. And, a company’s posts spread just like the updates you post on your personal Facebook page.

Online Reputation Management – How to cultivate good online reviews

Online reputation management is more important than ever, as consumers increasingly research products and services online and turn to online reviews for information about businesses and their offerings. BrightLocal’s 2013 Local Consumer Review Survey revealed that 85% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses—up from 76% just a year earlier.

The foundation blocks of building website traffic: leveraging your blog

Blogging is one of the most important pillars of a successful inbound marketing strategy. HubSpot’s recent 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report revealed that 82% of companies who blogged reported a positive return on their inbound marketing investments. 42% of marketers indicated that they’d acquired at least one customer through their blogs.