How to Generate Website Traffic: A Primer

You’ve probably heard a thousand times that having a web presence is critical to your success in today’s market. You may even have gone so far as to create a website for your business, but that’s only the beginning. Nothing magical happens when you stake out your URL and put a bit of content onto your company site; if you don’t know how to generate website traffic, your investment in building the site won’t bring the returns you’re hoping for.

Understanding the Basics of an Online Marketing Strategy

Effective marketing takes more than a flashy logo or a catchy slogan: a solid online marketing strategy requires planning, tracking and adjustment.  Inbound marketing is no exception.  Perfecting your online marketing strategy will require time and adaptation, but these key steps will help you build a solid foundation and make the necessary tweaks to optimize effectiveness and maximize your return on investment (ROI).  

Building a More Profitable 2013 Together

This is the time of year when we think about how we’re going to make the year ahead better in some way, and I’m sure that many of you are setting goals for growing your businesses. As a small business owner myself, I definitely understand those concerns. I’m fortunate that the very same skills I use on behalf of my clients every day also help me to grow my inbound marketing agency in Victoria. However, I know that not every business owner has the background and knowledge to effectively market his products or services. That’s why one of my New Year’s resolutions is to provide you with as many resources as possible to help you do that…like this blog.