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Andrea Butterworth, Owner

Aggressive problem-solver dedicated to producing results, specialist in online marketing for companies

Andrea is a well-rounded web publisher with 15 years experience working as an art director and marketer for large corporations mostly in the technology sector. She opened CalliaMedia in 2013 and has since been growing and refining her strategies for small and medium-sized businesses. CalliaMedia’s focus is on building customer-centric websites that not only inspire, but also function as powerful marketing tools that result in sales.

Andrea has a Bachelor of Science, a 2-year diploma in fine art and design, and another in digital media and these three bodies of knowledge support her well in knowing how to relay messages creatively and technically while still minding bottom-line business considerations.

In all of Andrea’s past positions she has consistently increased metrics relating to lead generation, sales, client boarding and retention, newsletter signups, memberships, website traffic, search engine results placements and more. She has successfully developed and implemented marketing plans, reworked brands, increased brand reach, refined product strategies and discovered new niche markets and strategic partnerships for companies of all sizes.